Client Testimonials


“Hi my name is Azia and I have just completed my birth chart reading from Tati. It was phenomenal! I am very new on my spiritual journey and know a little bit about birth charts, the houses, and a bit about my sun sign, ascendant and moon sign, however, no idea how to read a birth chart. So when we dived into the birth chart reading together, there were so many realizations that deepened my understanding of both my spiritual journey, and she gave me very practical steps on how to:

1) communicate better and improve my relationships

2) good sense of direction and guidance for my career which is huge during such a historical time

And the thing I love most about it with Tati is that she was very genuine, and every time she spoke she articulated her thoughts really well. As a beginner I didn’t understand everything she said, and if I had any questions about anything she said, she was happy to answer them, and just was very patient with me when I was trying to understand further what my signs were. 

The cool part too is that it felt like I was just talking to a friend. Tati and I have only had a few exchanges in the past before, so it was amazing to feel so comfortable to be talking about such deep, intimate parts of my life. Some being that some of my close friend’s don’t know about. So if you’re thinking about getting a reading done by Tati, or you’re just feeling lost in your life, and you need that bit of guidance, and a bit of certainty. 

She gives practical steps on your signs. Tati is the number 1 person to go to. I couldn’t recommend her enough. Definitely if you’re planning an event, or just readings in general, she is definitely the go-to person. So highly recommend Tati, and best of luck to anyone on their spiritual journey."

Azia Mery

"I had a birth chart and tarot reading with Tati and it was a fun, insightful, and informative experience. Tati had a kind, calming presence and she translated her knowledge about my chart in an easy to follow way. I also appreciated how she answered all of the questions that I had as well as gave me some valuable advice on how I can better look after myself this coming year."

 Lorecia Peralta

" I had the pleasure of having a reading with Tati where we both looked at my Solar Chart Return, we looked at my progressed chart, and we also looked at my transits. I also got some Tarot card pulls for my Career, which was super insightful. Overall this which such an insightful experience. I felt REALLY well taken care of. Tati is a great listener, and is very intuitive with how she reads. She also asks a lot of questions, and she will give you a reading that is tailored to you, and isn't standardized. It was so positive, and I really, really enjoyed it. Book a reading with her!"

— Lia Cai

"I recently got a Birth Chart reading done by Tati. It was awesome! She is such a kind and caring person. I have always kind of dabbled in astrology, and I knew my sun, moon and rising, but in no means did I know all the little secrets that she let me in on. Lots of hidden stuff in my chart, that helped me connect with myself in a new way. She was also kind enough to pull some tarot cards as well to see what's coming up in the near future. I really appreciate all that she does, and she is such a talented human. You should definitely check her out!"

— Caitlin Legere

"I just wanted to thank Tati for providing a birth chart reading for me. It was so good. It was really clear. She answered all of my questions, and walked through the chart in detail. We discussed all the different aspects around my relationships, career, goals,  and what are my strengths and challenges. She also did a tarot reading which was so sweet. She really brought in a lot of new insights into my chart, and what I should focus on and what I could work on. I highly recommend her! Thanks again!"

Salomeh Ahmadi

"I had my first ever birth chart reading with Tati and really enjoyed the experience! She is so knowledgeable in Astrology, she made no hesitations at all while reading my chart. She effortlessly made the experience fun and informative while making sure to check-in with me often to confirm if the reading was resonating and I was comfortable. I would highly recommend those looking to explore a birth chart reading either for the first time or for a refreshing deep dive to book with Tati! Overall, it was lovely and SHE was lovely in every way! I look forward to experiencing further offerings from her."

 Brooke Marie

"Hey my name is Marisa, I am 25, and I had a session with Tati in January 2021. I really wanted to start 2021 with a new fresh foot. I never had a birth chart or tarot reading, and doing both in the same session with Tati was amazing. She is such a wealth of knowledge. She is just so intuitive and knew exactly where I was at without me saying anything, which was reassuring to know. She was able to read based on her intuition and knowledge. Overall I thought she did a really beautiful job of understanding what I needed to hear, and what was valuable, and bringing that forward to me. She highlighted a lot of main points that allowed me to go back and reference them. Ultimately I thought this session was so valuable, and such a beautiful experience to have. Tati is incredible and very very intuitive. If you are thinking of booking a session with her, I highly recommend you do so. Thanks Tati!"

 Marisa Tassone