Are you feeling directionless, and not sure what your next steps should be? Get a better understanding on who you are, and where you're pulled in life.


Hi! I’m Tati. 

I’m a community leader, author, creative director, and astrologer. I'm also a Leo sun, Libra rising, and Cancer moon. 

My goal is to help empower people to pursue their passions using Astrology and Art. I want to support and guide people in the process of understanding their life path, and what makes them unique.  

I am the Founder of Moon Sign Creative, an Art and Astrology global community that focuses on bringing people together to make meaningful connections.

The Moon Sign Creative community was born when I realized that now, more than ever, people need a space to connect, create, and collaborate. 

 I host monthly events and get togethers on the Patreon platform, to give people an opportunity to hang out, learn from one another, and to feel seen, safe and supported.

My poetry book, Revisions of the Moon helps others feel less alone in their personal journey of growth, self reflection, breakups, trauma, death and transformation.

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Connection / Meaning


Revisions of the Moon

Revisions of the Moon is a poetry book that explores the topics of love, loss, identity, spirituality, death, trauma, grief, and growth. The book is organized into eight chapters, which represent eight of the moon phases. The sections emphasize the symbolism of each of the phases, including chaos, beginnings, progress, challenge, clarity, connection, depth, and growth. Our lives, like the moon phases, are always changing, and we go through similar cycles as we constantly strive for expansion.

As you read through each chapter, you are guided to learn that after chaos and confusion comes light and clarity. There is always time to reflect and create change within ourselves, and therefore, the world. As we go through life, we experience revisions of identity, revisions of memory, revisions of love, and revisions of growth.

You can purchase the book here.


"Tati is a skilled and intuitive reader. She brings a lot of insight to the table, and she even went above and beyond by giving me some actionable items to practice so that I could progress forward and grow from where I was in the moment. Her kind and warm energy leaves you feeling comfortable and seen. Highly recommend!"

 Destiny Clark


My Master's research focused on how Art & Perception creates meaning within our sense of Self, and how this benefits the grieving process.

The current book is in the works. In the meantime, feel free to watch my Undergrad thesis on this topic.