My name is Tati, and I help people gain a new understanding about themselves that serves them in their personal and professional lives. I help people feel connected, seen and empowered.

I'm an Astrologer, and have been studying Western Tropical Astrology for two years. I combine traditional and modern practices in my Natal Readings. 

Before Astrology, I've always been an Artist. My experience comes from 9 years in the Design industry, helping propel other people's voices visually. I studied Graphic Design at OCAD University, and did my Master’s in Digital Media at Ryerson University. I explored phenomenology and philosophy in my thesis, which then led me to Astrology.

The beauty I found with Astrology was that everything was connected. Winston Churchill once said, "We shape our environments and our environments shape us." I found that this couldn't be more true.

I created the Moon Sign Creative Community after I saw the need for Artists, Astrologers, Tarot Readers, Visionaries and Change-makers to really dabble and learn different skills and mediums. I wanted provide a safe space for people to share their experiences, encouraging others to grow, and feel connected.

Enough about me.

Do you want to learn more about yourself?


"I have been a member of Moon Sign Creative Community since it launched, and I feel so lucky to be a patron of the brand! Tati is an amazing resource and is always thoughtfully creating new opportunities for community members to engage with each other and expand their horizons in creative ways. As a Moon Sign Creative patreon, I have attended workshops including Creating Your Own Tarot Deck and The Art of Transits, and have been able to watch other events that couldn't attend on replay. These events are excellent opportunties to connect with other community members, recognize your strengths, and gain insight into your future goals. Tati does an excellent job of creating a safe, inviting, and supportive space to learn and make friends along the way. I highly recommend joining the community!

 Laura Carrie